Thursday, June 17, 2010

White Rice Dumpling

I just love to eat back chang.. I sneak to kopitiam during lunch hour.. I see people selling dumpling can't help myseldf to eat again. I wanted a salty dumpling, the leng chai uncle said "no more brown rice dumpling, left only white rice dumpling!!" Arrr.. my jaw dropped.. I had no idea what is he talking about... =X

He said wait ar.. I called leng lui Miss come.. I waited and she explained to me, "white dumpling meaning rice it's cooked without soya sauce, inlcuded ingredients inside and wrapped with bamboo leaves". hhmm, some people like white rice because it's not that oily. =D

Since I never tasted white before, I give myself a try on it.. When i asked her, how much? She told me RM5 each! Excuse me, what? RM5? Holy shyt.. this is that want damn expensive =X Dont judge it's cover by the price, perhaps it's good...??

As usual the me, I snapped photo on it .. It's white something different. Once I opened, I saw the ingredient is less, compare to the previous before I had it.. I saw salty eggs but it's 1/4 of dumpling, more steambeat, 1 small piece of pork, and 1 piece of small mushroom. I put inside the mouth, I feel a tasteless because of the rice it's not cooked with soya bean sauce. I would say so so only.. I cover the taste with some chili sauce =X
Good experience to try it out.. =D