Tuesday, March 05, 2013


I'm back to blogging after busy from Chinese New Year. Now only got spare time to update my blog. I had a chance to join company Sau Kong lunch at Oriental Pavilion 大港城酒家 for the Snake year 2013. Famous for Chinese cuisine that serve in traditional way. Can't wait to taste yummy food!
Table for ten at Oriental Pavilion

Time for gathering, after hard work throughout the year. Table for ten people must not be missing out. We're being served by Chinese Tea while waiting to rest to arrive. Everyone busy talking and updating each other before going back to hometown reunion with family. It's private room, cozy under air-conditioned. One of my favorite snacks on the table, steamed ground nuts with broth. Unique in a way if would to compare with the normal ground nuts that I use to eat on Chinese restaurant.

Snacks, steamed groundnuts

Since CNY mood is around the corner, the joy of Lou Sang mood is on, first dish must be the big Yee Sang on top of us. Platter consists of dried ingredients are mainly shredded vegetables, pickled, crackers, and not forgetting the most important is the fresh Salmon fish for Lou Sang. We were given a longer and bigger chopstick for Lou Hei, everyone yelling out loud with good wishes. "Huat ar!"

Big platter of Yee Sang

The packets of crackers for Yee Sang

There you go, crackers seating on top Yee Sang!


After Yee Sang, we're served with first dish Double-Boiled Coral Shark’s Fin in Coconut (Individual serving) 椰 皇 炖 勾 翅 Uniquely served in a coconut shell, which safe a lot of trouble to scoop into the bowl. I love the broth fragrant with coconut smell, thick and tasty with the generous amount of seafood that sweeten the broth. I'm wondering if they're using the real shark fin?

Double-Boiled Coral Shark’s Fin in Coconut

Is that real shark fin?

Next was the Deep Fried Fish wrapped with lettuce and chili paste [secret ingredients created by chef]. Crunchy for the first bite, chili paste opening flavor, savory, mild spicy that makes you won't stop biting. Fresh fish meat well fried in golden color. It reminded me the same concept of eating Korean BBQ meat wrapping on the lettuce, always chicken, beef, pork meat, I never knew fried fish can wrap with this as well, unique!

Deep Fried Fish wrapped with lettuce and chili paste

I wrapped and eat like this! Delicious!

We had two round of fishes, up next will be the Poached Live Tiger Prawns with ‘Shao Hsing’ Wine & Wolfberry 杞 子 绍 酒 灼 活 草 虾 Prawns swimming indeed, I couldn't resist myself on the soup with thick 'Shao Hsing' wine. I saluted chef's skill on boiling the soup, big fresh prawn with juicy meat. I prefer this compare to fried prawns. Decent flavors I admitted it.

Poached Live Tiger Prawns with ‘Shao Hsing’ Wine & Wolfberry

Prawn swimming in my bowl! I love the soup!

The BBQ Whole Suckling Pig with Glutinous Rice 炭 烧 糯 米 乳 猪 was the star of the night. Creative idea from the chef, combined both together is an excellent idea without wasting resources. Piglet are fried in golden color, thin layer of skin crunchy and crispy dipping into BBQ sauce, nice to eat but it's fattening, hahaha.. Glutinous Rice just at the timing, not to soft not too hard, decent with flavors.

The BBQ Whole Suckling Pig with Glutinous Rice

After that, our next dish was the Braised Whole Abalone with Broccoli 原 粒 3 头 鲍 鱼伴 西 兰 花. Baby abalone delicious!! It's cute in size, tender and moist with oyster sauce thick broth goes together with fresh broccoli and fresh mushroom. Delicious!

Braised Whole Abalone with Broccoli

Eight course meal ended with lovely dessert for refreshment, Crispy Yam Puff with Banana & Custard 锦 绣 雪 山 藏 珍 宝 Summer Breeze Coconut Jelly 夏 日 风 情. Crispy Yam Puff wast just nice with sweet filling, I adore the lovely longan and coconut jelly. The whole 8 course bloated until can't move! Enjoying till max =D

Crispy Yam Puff with Banana & Custard

Summer Breeze Coconut Jelly

Our makan-makan session ended with some black jack cards plus chilling with some liquor to welcome the prosperous Snake year of 2013. I would like to extend my greetings to everyone here, drive safe and have a wonderful journey trip back with family. Thank you boss for the wonderful reunion lunch! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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