Thursday, March 07, 2013

Sushi King CNY Promotions @ First Subang

The tradition of Lou Sang would never forget in my mind. This is the third time I Lou Sang with buddies after a few Lou Sang with colleagues, family and relatives. Talking about Yee Sang, I still prefer fresh ingredients rather than those dried ingredients sealed from packaging. While I'm browsing through facebook, Yee Sang offered by Sushi King caught my attention.  Sushi King Yee Sang came in two sizes large would be [RM38.88] and mini size cost [RM8.88]. This year I had smaller head count, so I ordered a mini Yee Sang just enough for three of us.

Mini Yee Sang RM8.88

Salmon slice bundle like a rose shape

Love this fresh Yee Sang!

Sushi King Yee Sang never let me down every year. Combination of tempura flakes, Hotate [Japanese Scallop], Kurage [sea jelly], filament eggs, crab sticks and the tiny shredded slices of the cucumber and fresh salmon slice that bundle like a rose shape, not forgetting the sweet and sour plum sauce. Thumbs up!! Yee Sang is actually raw fish salad, symbolize of abundance, prosperity and vigor. Oishi! xD

Lou Sang with my buddies xD

A mini Yee Sang ain't enough for us to ease our stomach, despite we're going for Chinese New Year promotion food that offered in Sushi King. Ji Mui ordered Yee Sang noodles [RM16.88] that comes with yellow noodles, shredded cucumber, carrots, radish, eggs, tempura flakes, kurage [sea jelly], fresh salmon slices [rose shape]. Before you eat must remember to mix together with sweet and sour plum sauce. Prosperity noodles, bring luck yet it's healthy meal.

Yee Sang noodles [RM16.88]

Mix together with plum sour

We had extra sushi on the sushi rolling belt, some of our favorite are Salmon Nishoku Sushi [Raw salmon slice, fish roe, and mayonnaise], Tamago Sushi [omelette], and Golden Ball [Deep fried egg, shredded crab sticks and mayonnaise]. Oishi! xD

Salmon Nishoku Sushi

Tamago Sushi

Golden Ball

My choice was the Prosperity Bento set which is part of the CNY promotion menu. I'm attracted to the mini salad on corner of the bento which consist fresh Salmon slices [a rose shape], mix with plum sauce and additional rice with egg rolls, fried chicken slice with terrayaki sauce and also fried fried fish fillet coated with soy sauce that makes the whole set perfect. I like food presentation, thus I eat without any complaint at all. Prosperity Bento set cost [RM16.88], worth for the value.

Prosperity Bento [RM16.88]

Hot Ocha

Bloated with food, we ended our makan session with some hot ocha and also photo session with all my buddies. Gong Xi Fai Cai to all my friends out there! Have you tasted the any raw Yee Sang this CNY? Do drop me a comment. thank you =D

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