Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Chocolate Raspberry Cheese Cake @ Starbucks

Back dated posted again, I want to share this lovely beverages offered during Chinese New Year 2013 promotion period. Desperately craving for a piece of cake, my brain prompted me on Starbucks. Oh yes, I have yet visiting Starbucks lately. so I drop by to Starbucks for coffee / tea time. Co-incidence this particular outlet have a lot nice cakes, I been viewing up and down on the rack, this piece of brown pink slice of cake attracted me that much. I wonder if is good, couldn't further to ask more in details.

Guess where this place?

Barista told me it is a piece of Chocolate Raspberry Cheese Cake. Without delay, I opted for this cake with coffee of the day. Coffee / Tea time, time to enjoy. The usual me, before food must snap photo for sharing. Good food are meant to be share with everyone right? =D

Chocolate Raspberry Cheese Cake

Thick, moist chocolate cake, middle part was the thick creamy raspberry cheese.

The more a look at it the more drooling I am. This slice of cake consist three layers, first and bottom layer are the thick, moist chocolate cake, middle part was the thick creamy raspberry cheese. I love the topping coated with dash of cocoa powder, rather more fillings! Just a small bite, it's heavenly delicious all the flavors are well balance. I love raspberry cream, sour plus the salty cheese too! must taste it slowly, a piece it's not enough for me... I want more and more, please! ARRRGGHHHHH~~~

I took a sip of black coffee that is sugarless, I feel great, with strong aroma of black coffee, well roasted. Coffee of the day cost RM7.90 for Venti size, while the Chocolate Raspberry Cheese Cake cost RM10.90. Expensive? Have you try the CNY promotion as well? Do share with me too, Cheers! =D