Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Crayon Burger @ SS15 Subang Jaya

Crayon Burger @ Ss15 Subang Jaya

I came across food bloggers post recently that Crayon Burger are nested in neighborhood of Ss15 Subang Jaya. Since the burgers photo are so tempting, I can't resist to give myself a try on this restaurant. Crayon Burger located on same row with Kimchi Haru but further down towards center rows. It's opposite Ss15 market and Station One Cafe.

I love this art of burger!

As walked into the shop, I'm attracted to words Crayon Burger with colorful crayon painted on the wall. There's meaning over here, colorful crayon representing they're specializing in varieties types of colorful buns, all in made with natural ingredients. The original cream color bun made from milk bun, black bamboo charcoal bun, Vege bun was from spinach, Pink Bun from red yeast and the LATEST launching will be Red Velvet bun made from red yeast.

The Menu

I was greeted by the friendly cashier, also part of partner to Crayon Burger. They were only 2 weeks old and the menu board it's up for your ordering process. The best option is you are allow to choose your own bread with the toppings. Burger itself did not come with a set, you need to top up additional RM5 to get bottomless drink and fries. Other ADD ON available as well, do check on their list for more info.

Cheese Fondue Chicken Burger

Melted cheese, yum!! xD

Friend crafted for Cheese Fondue Chicken Burger with Milk Bun bread. I love the milk bun color which I think is matching with the cheese fondue plus the golden color of chicken patty absolutely an eye catching indeed. Melted cheese decorated with fresh vegetable and secret spices are coated together. First bite, creamy cheese flowing into your mouth kicking your taste bud. Cheese Fondue Chicken burger cost [RM15.50 + RM5.00] with bottomless drink and fries. Recommended for those are cheese lover fans.

The Boss are my option with Red Velvet Bun

Topping for fillings, Yum~

This is how the burger look like~ =P

The Boss are my option with Pinky Bun! This pinky bun with a stick poking on the burger. Once I opened wow, so much of topping such as onion rings, wasabi mayo, heart shape fried egg, swiss cheese and of course not forgetting crispy chicken patty. So much to go, my mouth is too small to wallop everything in. I love the wasabi mayo, it's mild and rich plus fried onions definitely melting in my mouth. Delicious! Creative,  is totally different over here! There's beef option for those beef lover, you might want to try out it yourself. The Boss cost [RM16.00 + RM5.00] with bottomless drink and fries

The bill for the night!

This is Crayon Burger!

Overall the burgers are good, for the sausages an gravy are very much suitable for those people who like mild taste, can't compare with MyBurgerLab which theirs are more richer. Personally I still prefer MyBurgerLab than Crayon Burger. How about you? Have you tasted this burger so far? =D

No 38, Jalan SS15/4,
45200 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hour: Tue - Sun: 11:00PM - 22:00PM