Monday, April 21, 2014

Standing Theory @ Ss2 PJ

Over the weekend, I been invited by my girlfriend for coffee outing. We often have the same topic of Coffee, and she is a coffee lover, always been looking for varieties of coffee throughout Klang Valley. I suggested why not we head over to Standing Theory in SS2, posted by Wayne Thong.

My girlfriend noted in fast response. I started to search for full address, and uuhhoo.. arrgghhh.. When I looked at the Waze GPS, I'm totally shocked with the location, heh.. how come it's not in Ss2 town?? It's been taking longer time to search, immediately I programmed direction based on the address given. Finally I reached the destination. My girlfriend puzzled and commented "ARrggghhh.. very deep inside housing area." It's located in the obscure area of SS2, nobody knows unless SS2 residents.

We moved into the cafe, as soon as rain stop. My girlfriend attracted on the main entrance, she can't resist in snapping photo. Been focusing on the photography, I move in to check what's happening inside. There's two area outside is for smoking area, and inside it's for non smoking are filled with air conditioner.

A cafe with minimal decoration compared to the rest. Filled with solid wooden tables and colorful steel chair, plumbing stools and long bulbs pendant lights. Well these days cafe like to use long light? More contemporary concept?

We both welcomed by coffee barista that the table counter. I been busying look at coffee menu board, getting me some time to figure out what is available for the night. Looking the menu with words description, I'm sort of pissed off a bit, menu it'self without photo, I know I have bad imagination, I can't really figure out what I want. Sometimes options based on the photo, well I have to search on the foursquare to check on the comments which are mostly recommended. Photo makes different in your appetite of the day. Too bad, I'm looking for V.D Roll so called "highly recommended" but it's not available during dinner time. I being forced to choose on the menu for dinner categories, which is very less choice. Sighs!!

Been patiently waiting for food, hungry especially after raining season. My girlfriend opted for hot Cappuccino. Beautifully coffee art foam on top of the coffee change my mood. Girlfriend commented Cappuccino it's not thick enough, overall but still ok to drink. I'm guessing perhaps different coffee beans or the different shots in coffee does makes the different?

Cappuccino [RM10.00]

Girlfriend also opted Red Velvet cake for the night. I'm shocked with size portion, which I couldn't find it anywhere. She commented not bad overall, moist and fluffy. I kinda like the top layer, cheese cream, tender and creamy.

Red Velvet Cake [RM11.00]

I had hot Mocha with beautiful coffee art. I amazed with the art, Thank You. I told my girlfriend Mocha isn't sweet at all. I wonder why?? She told me some of the Mocha it's not sweet, not every mocha filled with sweet taste. I sort of disappointing again. Why? I thought Mocha suppose to be sweet with cocoa syrup?? I couldn't taste cocoa at all.

Cafe Mocha [RM11.00]

Coffee and cakes

My dinner is ready with Apple, Walnut & Tomato Linguine. Size portion equivalent with the price. I love capture picture before food. Filing with ingredients, Green Apple Salsa, Walnut, Tomato, Cream cheese, Sofrito, Smoked Bacon Bits. Crunchy with walnuts, sort of like eating salads. Those who like Linguine recommended to try this.

Apple, Walnut & Tomato Linguine [RM18.00]

There's also Fat Baby ice-cream available for desserts. We both enjoying the scenery during the night. It's fun with photo shooting, while enjoying with coffee. Overall it's ok, a cozy cafe, suitable for reading & chilling during weekend, I agreed good services from barista. Wifi available too if you're looking for a place to work, I recommended this is suitable place to be. I will be back to try out some of other food that is available during lunch hour.

Standing Theory
6, Jalan SS2 / 103.
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Business Hour: Tuesday to Sunday 11am-11pm
Closed on Monday
Phone +60129716425 & +60162124421