Thursday, November 13, 2014

Newton Circus Food Centre @ Singapore

My first itinerary after I landed in Singapore, my superior bought us to Newton Circus Food Centre to try out local Singaporean hawkers food. Newton Circus Food Centre it's famous for tourist destination, I got to know local people less dining in here because it's label as overprice, charging base on tourist price. A bit of history from expert, newton circus renovated as open air hawker centre right in the middle of town part of the reason to promote Singapore Tourism.

Journey takes me around 20-30 min from Macpherson Road after office hour by car. Reached Newton slightly around 7PM (GMT+8 ) with hot evening. Cleaned and tiny, I started to hear loud noise ordering food here and there. I'm surprised every table it's pack with tourist. I really wonder if the food here it's good? Superior get a table for 5 of us, Immediately we had someone trying to push seafood onto us and the drinks auntie trying to get us to order a drink. I'm puzzled at the moment, not sure what do they serve, despite the ordering process I let my expert boss handle it...

After long day, I quench my throat with a cup of cold sugarcane water.. freshly made, huge cup, hot weather I desperately I need another cup of water. The moment I drink.. my stomach is yelling for food. What will they order for tonite? A lot question mark in my head... etc..

After waited around 20-25 min, here are the 3 dished being served.. Fried BBQ chicken wings, Pork and chicken Satay, Fried Carrot Cakes (sweet version) available. Hungry can't wait to eat. It's almost same the the type of food between Singapore and Malaysia, is the taste same too?? Let's try it out..

My boss told everyone to try this Grilled Sting Stay in Singapore, in Malaysia the locals always describe as Ikan Bakar. This is also one of favorite food that I love the most, Singapore have the similar version, but the sambal slightly sweeter and spicier type. Before eating it's a must to squeeze lime (limau kasturi), you will have sourish, spicy taste kicking opening appetite, hawkers grilled well, sting way was fresh. I couldn't recall from which stall no.. recommended to eat while it's still hot.

Next move on the Grilled BBQ Chicken Wings. In Singapore they use lime, but I'm used to honey version type in Malaysia. Lime taste it's a different version which it's actually not bad. Well marinated, grilled at the right heat, tender and moist.. acceptable, must eat with your hand more like finger linkin good..

Newton Circus do have Satay too! I'm rather surprised that boss ordered pork satay! First time had pork satay, well seasoned, skewered and then grilled or barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire, served with peanut sauce. Also beside pork, I had chicken satay too! Oh yummy! xD

Something new for me, which is the fried carrot cakes, the versions served by hawkers in Singapore, where Teo Chews live, are typically prepared by frying the carrot cake with chopped preserved turnip, diced garlic, eggs, and Chinese fish sauce in place of soya sauce. Chopped spring onion is added just before serving

There are two variants: the "white" version does not use sweet soy sauce, and the carrot cake is fried on top of a beaten egg to form a crust; the "black" version uses sweet sauce (molasses) and the egg is simply mixed in with the carrot cake. I prefer the sweet sauce compare to white version earlier on for Singapore taste.

Last dish of the day is the fried Oyster Omelette, version very similar to Malaysia, let see if it's good. The dish consists of an omelette with a filling primarily composed of small oysters.Oyster here are huge, big and fresh, never let me down for the taste, fragrant and less oil.

Overall dining in Newton Circus it's not bad, don't complaint for the price while you eat here. Newton Circus cater mainly for tourist destination so please bear with the price hike. I'm bloated with food through out the night. Happy and enjoying eating.

Newton Food Centre (纽顿熟食中心)
Address: Newton, Singapore
Business Hours 12:00 pm – 2:00 am