Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tong Pak Fu @ Paradigm Mall

Award winning from Hong Kong

Joanne dated me for this outing, she told me that she loves Tong Pak Fu a lot. She had couples of desserts in One Utama, but outcome it's rather disappointing, she wanted try it out here. Tong Pak Fu in an award winning desserts from in Hong Kong, currently the new outlet;nested at Upper Ground Floor in Paradigm Mall.

Paradigm Mall outlet

Walked in, crowded and full with people. Wondering why so much of people here? Seriously is this good? Waited slightly 20 min just to get a seat. Flip on the menu, really shocked me. Varieties of delightful desserts serve here. From hot till cold, dessert and drinks served in traditional and contemporary way.

榴莲飘香 (D24) D24 Durian Snow Ice

Joanna ordered her favorite 榴莲飘香 (D24) D24 Durian Snow Ice (L) RM12.80 / (R) [RM9.80]. Snow Ice rich with Durian flavor, sweetness of durian mix with cornflakes and grass jelly defiantly thumbs up and if you're fan of Durian recommended to try it out.

Chilled Mango Sago Creme with Pomelo and
Mango Ice cream (杨枝甘露配芒果雪糕)

I had Chilled Mango Sago Creme with Pomelo and Mango Ice cream (杨枝甘露配芒果雪糕) [RM10.80]. Rich with mango, Sago, Pomelo pulp, cooling melting inside mouth plus a scoop of ice-cream chilling till max. It's so relax to enjoy during hot weathers.

Curry Fish Balls(咖喱鱼蛋)

Desserts just not enough for me, I had extra side dishes, that is Curry Fish Balls(咖喱鱼蛋) [RM6.90]. Fish Ball so big just like a size of ping pong ball, chewy and infused with curry sauce kicking taste bud, delicious. =D

Sweet Soy Chicken Wings (卤水雞翼)

Joanna had Braised Sweet Soy Chicken Wings (卤水雞翼) [RM7.80] for snacks. Infused with sweet soy chicken, chicken wings cook well, soft and moist and it's not salty at all. Just nice for the flavors.

Our desserts and snacks for lunch

We both enjoy so much xD

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with food and services over here. Will be back to try out some other food in the menu for a change. If you're bored with Taiwanese desserts, do give a try on this Hong Kong desserts. I'm happy to eat here, cheers

Address: Lot UGK01, Upper Ground Floor,
Paradigm Mall, No.1 Jalan SS7/26/A,
Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya.
Opening hours: 10.00am-10.00pm