Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MY FM 14th Birthday Bash 2012

I'm invited to My FM 14th Birthday Bash 2012 concert by blogger named Eric Lee. He's not free at night, so I utilized it nicely, hehehe!! Thank you Eric for the tickets. Event located at National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Car Park at 8PM (GMT +8) on 25th Aug 2012. To get a better view in front stage, I started my journey early in order to get a proper parking.
MY FM 14th Birthday Bash 2012

Clearly evening with hot sunny day, arriving with lots of event booth. At first worry of water and food, but now no need because organizer well planned, varieties of food and drinks sold here. At least to ease hungry till late evening till concert starts. Estimated 25, 000 people will be here to enjoy the birthday bash. Queuing up for almost and hour before we could get inside. I got a normal ticket which is FREE standing post, I suppose to stand behind, some how got into the wrong area. I was in front of the fan area, where by all the groups of fan standing to cheer on the idol. It was fun to be together but my ears slightly deaf because too noisy with screaming sound. Everyone excited!!

Both of us enjoying ^_^

25 000 audiences

Opening starting by Aladdin theme, and then MyFM Deejays such as Jack Lim, Jeff Chin and Mei Yan introducing and taking over the event for the night. Live concerts now came with stage play, and a comedic mix with light action scenes. Each and every Radio Deejays playing one of the characters in Aladdin world, which I think it's awesome scene they're talented in entertaining public audiences. Not just a voice behind on the microphone inside studios but to socialize with pubic as well. PR playing a main role here, not an easy task to be, yet it's challenging too.

MyFM Deejays & Nicholas Zhang

I had less basic info regarding this event, because everything was last min, no idea who will be performing in this concert. Not just local artists but artists from Taiwan also touching down to perform here. Hu Xia, Geraldine Gan and Tha Jie Ying, Aric Ho, Thosmas Jack, Alvin Chong, Peace Teo, AK, Liu Li Yang, Pink Tan, Kit Teo, Fan Wei Qi, Nicholas Zhang, etc were those outstanding artists over here. My favorite artist is always Fan Fan Fan Wei Qi. She's gorgeous with her purple striking dress attracted me that much. I love her  voice and her album, especially love songs, sang beautifully live. I'm lucky to see her from nearer view.

Fan Wei Qi

MyFM Deejays and artists photography session

Event ended midnight with group photography session and fire crackers. I love loud music, live performance which always rare happening in the city. Though I am not exactly well-versed in Mandarin, by supporting local industries vocal that will make our entertainment line expanding and growing well. Would like to take this opportunity to wish MY FM Happy Birthday, thank you for the wonderful entertainment through out the night. Hope next year will have the opportunity to watch again.

P/S: Photos are quoted from MyFm Facebook Page