Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bulgogi Brothers @ Paradigm Mall

I'm invited by Bulgogi Brothers for their opening through Bulgogi Brothers Facebook Fan Page on 10th Aug 2012. I'm luckily to be the 5th participant on their comment page and thanks for the invitation. New outlet opening in Paradigm Mall just next to the TGI Friday. Originally from Korea, Bulgogi Brothers is casual dining restaraunt that is expanding business in Petaling Jaya. The existing branches would be in Pavilion, Mid Valley MegaMall and e-Curve. Another option for PJ citizens, now you can dine in here easily, instead of driving down all the way to KL.

Bulgogi Brothers Facebook Fan Page

Event started with media registrations, we're served with light refreshment drinks. Event started at 7.00PM sharp with opening speech and continue with opening ceremony, cutting ribbons with a few share holders and the founder of Bulgogi Brothers restaurants. We're served by a group of dancers basically, from Bulgogi staffs, performing "K-Pop" dance to the audience.

Bulgogi Brothers opening @ Paradigm Mall

Media registrations

Guest are at opening

Opening speech

Guest listening to the speech

Opening ceremony

Main entrance Bulgogi Brothers

Group of dancers for the grand opening #1

Group of dancers for the grand opening #2

Photo shooting after dance

After that, we're invited to buffet seats for food. Can't wait to see what's will be the next event. I was seating with the rest of 10 participants of Face Book Fan Page. Well decorated event for the night, starting up with music and everyone starting to fill empty seats. Pleasant evening with outdoor seating definitely good experience to be. I like the table arrangement, neat and tidy. Some of the food were ready to eat.

Food are well decorated

For guests in a long table

I'm invited ^_^

Full house here

Korean sauces

First dish was the bowl of hot noodles called Janshi Noodles. It is known as the "party noodles" in Korea, served in seafood broth, garnished with lots of vegetables. The noodles remains hot, when I'm busy snapping photos. Smooth and silky noodles, filling up into my mouth. The broth was savory with the sweet taste were mainly from the seafood itself. Mini version were served to us, but the original Janshi Noodles is bigger cost about [RM 17.90].

Janshi Noodles

On the table was the Korean Banchan, basically appetizer before your main course. They're marinated pickles, pumpkin mash and green chilies. Free flow for the night and I do enjoy it, especially pumpkin mash created with pure pumpkin extracts, tasted good. They do have Korean Salad, mixed varieties of fresh vegetables goes with Korean sauce dressing, very much different compare to the rest of the salad that I used to eat. Each culture are unique in a way.

Korean Banchan: Pickles, pumpkin mash and green chilies

Fresh Salad with mix salad dressing

Half way eating we're served Korean Tea. Rich in aroma tea, which reminded me Korean are very tradition in their culture. Beside that we're served with pineapple juice, mango juice, red wine or even beers. Everything was free flow and it's party time. Yahoo!!

Free Flow Korean tea

Not forgetting my favorite dish, the Bibimbab. Seriously I damn love Bibimbab. The Haemul Bibimbab [RM28.90] that comes with the combination of the spicy seafood and vegetables. To enjoy, you must mixed together all the ingredients. Served in stone to keep rice warm during winter time, which commonly practicing till now shows Bulgogi Brothers still remains the traditional way of serving. I love the runny yolk, excellent!!

Haemul Bibimbab

Chef busying grilling for guest

Grilling BBQ beef meat

Enjoying watching chef grilling

The most exciting, dish was the Korean Barbecue. Beef meats well marinated with Bulgogi Brothers special sauces grilled in hot pan with mushroom and onions. Smell good from far, I need to queue for 30 min to get my share, because it takes time to cook. Fresh meats with sizzling sound, makes me even more drooling. Meats are weighted by grams according to Bulgogi Brothers Menu.Chewy, juicy, and delicious all the time. Fill up my tummy till bloated. xD

Korean rice balls

Party at the night

Entertained by Korean songs of the night with beautiful DJ

Full? Hang on, there's desserts for us too. We're served with Korean sweet rice ball. Assorted flavors available here, it's my pleasure to taste it. Entertained by Korean songs of the night with beautiful DJ accompany us till the event ended late midnight. Enjoy till max, lastly would like to thank Facebook Social Media of Bulgogi Brothers for the invitation. Recommended to try out here, if you're beef lover. Annyeong-haseyo!! xD

Paradigm Mall
GB13, Ground Floor, Boulevard
No.1, Jalan SS 7/26A
Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya

P: 603.7887.3543
F: 603.7887.3545

Branches at:
6th Floor, Pavilion KL
Ground Floor, eCurve
Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall