Monday, September 24, 2012

Mr. Wish @ Sunway Pyramid

Meeting friends for tea breaks one of the weekends right after we shop at Sunway Pyramid.  Few hours of shopping, everyone feels thirsty, want some cold beverages to sooth our throats. Suddenly saw this Mr.Wish in front of us. Front the main shop it's looks bubble teas to me, just like those Cha Time, Gong Cha, Yo-Fresh, etc. What makes the different in this Mr.Wish?

Mr. Wish Malaysia - 水果‧天然‧茶

List of all the Mr. Wish Series

Closer view, found out that Mr.Wish is another company that sells Taiwanese Tea beverages. Their products focusing more Fruit Tea rather than Milk Tea or Bubble Tea. This is unique part slightly different from others. Varieties products are available such as Wish Tea, Wish Fruit Tea, Wish Milky, Wish Agar, Wish Juice, Wish Popo, Wish Panna Cotta, Wish Ice-Blended, Wish Enzyme, etc.

On going promotion via T&C

Most of the product are tea base, everything are natural ingredients which are harvested freshly from Nantou farm. Bored of bubble teas, decided to give a try on this. No idea what is good, waitress recommended us to go for Fruit Tea Series, since is on going promotions available now.

Tea Time Break with Mr.Wish ^_^

Left: 抹茶奶茶 - Matcha Milk Tea [R] RM4.90 / [L] RM5.90
Right: 水蜜桃果粒茶 - Peach Tea with Fresh Pulp [R] RM5.90 / [L] RM6.90

We bought two large fruit tea base which are Peach Tea with Fresh Pulp [L] at [RM6.90] and Grape Tea with Fresh Pulp [L] at [RM6.90] Double up bonus you're have loyalty card. Aside we also give a try on Milky Series which is Matcha Milk Tea [R] at [RM4.90]

葡萄果粒茶 - Grape Tea with Fresh Pulp
[R] RM5.90 / [L] RM6.90

Personally I love this is grape drink with pulp, fruity flavor especially grape juice it's inside. I'm particular in the first place, Grape juice sort of sour in my mind, after I tried it, eh's it not sour mixed with tea just like you're drinking fruit punch plus I like pulp rather than chewing pearl. Refreshing and cooling fruity flavor unique in a way.

Mr. Wish Loyalty Card Stamp

Sounds good??

Milky Series not bad either. Matcha Milk Tea using fresh Matcha with no additives. Tasted the real Matcha, freshness of the green tea. The normal process, can either reduce sugar level or ice level too or you can even add topping such as Pearls, Ai Yu, Basil Seeds, Coconut Jelly, Pudding, Grass Jelly, etc onto the your milk tea at RM1.

Everyone are enjoying Mr. Wish ^_^

Mr.Wish not that famous as Chatime or Gong Cha, but their main focus is on healthy drinks likes fresh tea and fresh fruit tea. If you're looking something new, recommended you to visit here. Service level quite good and promotion are not bad either. Girls talking a few hours to finish up our drinks. Cheers!! xD

Mr. Wish Malaysia - 水果‧天然‧茶
Sunway Pyramid (LG2.08), Petaling Jaya, Selangor 41650
Tea Room, Juice Bar (Edit)