Friday, September 28, 2012

KungFu Paradise @ Paradigm Mall

Here I am into KungFu Paradise for lunch during promotion period. Been quite sometime since Paradigm Mall opening, did not turn myself into this restaurant not until suggested by some of my friends. Kungfu Paradise with the nick name "the cafe with a kick" that serve Hong Kong food. The concept base almost same like Kim Gary Cafe or Wong Kok Cafe. Located in Level 2 at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya Malaysia.

KungFu Paradise at Paradigm Mall

Comfortable and spacious for dining

We opted for set lunch, which included a meal add on RM2 to enjoy a soup and a drink. KungFu Paradise coffee and Apple Ice Tea for our drinks. The normal ordinary drinks accompany us through out the meal. They do have other beverages like milkshakes, coffee, teas etc

Coffee and Apple Ice Tea

Now here come the signature dish must have while you're in KungFu Paradise. "KungFu Bumger" at [RM7.20], a sandwich of chicken thigh with terayaki sauce or you can called it Kung Pao sauce. The size of the KungFu Bumger very similar to McD GCB, recommended to try if you're bored with GCB. Grilled and tasted good, just enough for me.

KungFu Bumger [RM7.20]

A sandwich of chicken thigh with Terayaki Sauce

Yum Yum!!

Next was the Dry Noodles with Egg and Chicken Sausages at [RM11.90]. This dish reminded me of Indo Mee, I think youngster might enjoy this meal. Fat and short sausages looks cute and chewy.

Dry Noodles with Egg and Chicken Sausages [RM11.90]

Sames goes to Dry noodles with Egg and Chicken Chop at [RM12.90] Friend commented just average, slightly expensive for this dish. Pork shop a bit, and I believe home cook that is even much better for than this.

Dry noodles with Egg and Chicken Chop [RM12.90]

Seafood Hor Fun [RM13.90] fried Hor Fun with thick seafood broth soup mixed with eggs. Filling with sea food such as prawns, crab meats, fillet and chicken meats. Yet, lack of taste which a bit tasteless. Should improve more on the taste for this dish.

Seafood Hor Fun [RM13.90]

Lastly was the Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice [RM12.90]. Filling with ingredients, chicken with sweet and sour sauce. I believe sweet and sour opening up flavor when eating. There's suppose a lava egg over here, since my friend it's not fancy of eating it, she excluded the lava egg.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice [RM12.90]

It was average food at best and I hope Kungfu Paradise will work towards improving their quality of food especially with the higher than average prices as compared to other Hong Kong style cafes such as Kim Gary or Wong kok Cafe style.

Kungfu Paradise
Paradigm Mall (Lot 2F-21),
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan