Monday, December 26, 2011

Eco Life Mug

Unexpected surprise again.. Received X'Mas Gift for the year 2011. Received cute little Mug, there's always specialty according to my friend. This mug have it's own stories behind let's read more below..

This Mug it's made by Eco Life. Originally came from "I Am Not a Paper Cup" Designed specially for Green Earth, Eco Green Nature. Specialty goes on the Silicon lid. Made from rubber, safe for use & washable. Unlike some other cover lid it's often made from  plastic/metal/ceramic which I always need to be caution when using it. I always feel awkward when i drop plastic/metal/ceramic cover lid on the floor/basin that create loud sound which attracted everyone attention. swt -_-"

Love the beautiful design on the Mug. Can you see is a girl wearing a hat? I salute the creativity of the person who design this Mug.  Well design and I also would like to thank my friend for the X'Mas Gift =) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! =D

Ideal for a gift in any occasion. There's many other design too for this lovely mug or even cups. Like this? Check it here more info on this link.