Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Nien's Revenge In-game Event

Last Sun, I joined Nien's Revenge In-game Event in MapleSea in Fornax server. I have a chance playing around with bosses (gigantic monsters) event. It's funny, hilarious and most important now is i'm lvl 120 mostly can use my genesis to spam on the mobs. Erm, so called with the title name of bishop 4th jobs advancement, but seriously i'm the noobest among the ppl coz i dont have much skill book yet.. Genesis only lvl 2.. but i enjoy and having fun. I took some of the photos but it's blurry.. to tag everyone who joined this event game.

Event ended at 1 hour time

We're talking rubbish after event game

Maple sis (baby mei) & me with snap photo

More details for the event read here Nien's Revenge In-game Event