Friday, March 12, 2010

Daddy working in oversea

These days I have happy & upset news for my daddy. Happy news is daddy being promoted to work in oversea, Shanghai, China. I'm happy for his work as he is good boss in working wise. I'm proud and happy for his carrier advancement but I'm sad he will be leaving us behind for work purposes. His work will be based in China, no longer in M'sia so he will coming back in August to visit us. Mix of feeling that i'm having now... But I will be planning to make trip to China to visit him in May/ June provider my leave it's approve and most important is whether I can get cheap ticket for my flight.. I'm counting these days come fast that I can meet daddy again.

He departed midnight flight at 1330 hrs that takes about 5 hrs journey to Shanghai. With prayers of God, please make him a safe journey trip and please take care of him when he is alone. Lastly hope God bless my daddy in good health, good working wise... Miss daddy so much!!