Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maple Hang Out - LehLeh

I always train with friendsb in the game.. normally as usual training is boring with friends.. I switch my location map to wolf spider because desperately I need meso to buy my skills books. It's expensive to get 1 skill book that cost me about 100 mil each, so iLbi throwing star that give me great money value with i can sell about 30 mil each , omg.. I need about 3-4 sets to cover my cost of skill book... haiz.. pray pray that i will get more iLbi stars.. I did die in spider wolf coz high damage with spider hit me.. damn paining (>.<") I need hyper body coz I have less HP, lehleh is helping me out.. so I have spend 1 day outwith lehleh..

Travelling along different map which require transportation, we went by train, by plane to get to our destination.. need to wait will boarding, I did capture some photos with him.. lol.. hope u dont mind lehleh ^^

Wolf spider map

Transportation to Spooky Map