Friday, March 12, 2010

Gloria Beach - Port Dickson

These days busy like a bee, don't have much time to blog.. temporary for now I'm fine spending some time to blog.. My blog still continue with last week story in PD, last journey before heading back to KL, I just drop Gloria beach to take deep fresh air before I make my move.. seriously I'm lazy to back KL if have long holiday.. I would spend more days in PD to look at sea..

This time the sea water is high tight, I can hear clearly wave hitting sore as I open door to get down car. Weather it's rather hot in the noon, I saw local people swimming having fun around. Elderly people are playing chess & resting. Tempting and beautiful until I can't describe any further.. If I'm bringing my swimming suit I will play water on the sea... kekeke

The usual me, can't resist to take photo for my blogging.. so of the picture not clear because it's windy day too.. please bear with me.. photo under hot suns and windy day.. perhaps photo it's not in a good condition this time..

High tight sea water

Local people swimming

Shed for rest area

Behind some of nice resident bungalows

Myself with photos

Me & my bao bei car