Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CitrusPlus Cafe & Restaurant

First time ever visited this shop, called Citrusplus. Located in SS15 Subang Jaya, center row of shop lot, same row with McD. Shop is decorated with 4 main base colors green, yellow, orange & white. I love the design here, relaxing with music while you enjoying your meal. This shop served 100% western food and the price is affordable price and it's a big portion meal. Free wifi access when you bring along your laptop / hp for internet access . Recommended to eat.  Let see more pictures on this. =D

Side way sitting

Front shop entrance, smoking n non-smoking area.

Cashier payment

Wall decoration pictures

Menu book Citrusplus Cafe & Restaurant

Menu well decorated

Creative number stand

Mango Smoothies RM5.90

Apple mixed fruit juice RM3.90

Seafood bread soup RM9.90

Chicken Sausages with Mushroom Sauce RM10.90

Lemon Grilled Fillet Fish RM13.90

Two gals enjoying meal =P