Sunday, August 15, 2010


First ever attempt to try GCB after quite launched, some time in McD recently. I read through Submerryn's blog, I can know that GCB it's delicious. =D I tot is going to extinct coz it's limited edition for certain time only but then when I go there, I saw another new package that is DOUBLE GCB especially for this Buka Puasa during Ramandan seasons. =D

Meaning i'm not too late to try it out myself on this lovely GCB @ Jusco Eon Bukit Tinggi, Klang yesterday. Emmie's said it worth to eat because it's quite big portion compare to others. I decided to try it out, I found that this is so yummy! I prefer GCB than prosperity burger because it's grilled chicken burger marinated with black pepper. Just nice for my tummy, it's cost about RM11++ value for money. Another choice for me, in my food list, recommended to eat =D I want to try DOUBLE GCB, soon =P