Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 1: Part V - Kopi Luwak @ Bali

After lunch, we heading down to Coffee Maker & Plantation, Bali. According to tour guide this plantation is very special because he taking us to visit "Kopi dibuat daripada Musang tinja". "What? Coffee made from Poo Poo?" have I hear wrongly?

This is my very first time in visiting coffee plantation and i'm excited. Slightly it's about 30min drive from Mount Batur. Weather is slightly warmer here, l can see the sunlight here not too bad though. As we reached  here, lot's of tourist bus here and private vehicle visiting this place. Welcoming us at the entrance are the local Balinese people. I'm not sure if this place needed entrance fees, can't recall it.

Main Entrance

Luwak a.k.a Civet sleeping on top

Coffee Plantation

Tour Guide busy explaining coffee plants

Young Coffee Berries

Luwak Coffee Beans fresh

Winnowing to separate shells form beans

Roasting beans

Pounding the clean beans to loosen shells

Bali Kopi Luwak is made from Balinese Coffee Berries which have passed through the digestive tracts of the Asian Palm Civets (AKA Luwaks). Enzymes in the civet's stomach break down proteins in the coffee berries; specifically those proteins that contribute to coffee's usually bitter taste. A slight roast later, and you have coffee beans without the bitterness, but with a full, sweet taste. The wild civets only select the ripest coffee berries for their diet.  In this way, the berries used for Bali Kopi Luwak have already passed their evolutionary quality control test. This homogenous selection process produces a clean and unique taste. 

Testing session

Looking at the Luwak Coffee Menu

Luwak Coffee Cost Rp 50 000 per cup

Lemon Grass Tea, Ginger Tea, Bali Coffee

Testing session 

Enjoying my time here ^_^

After watching the whole process of making coffee, now it's the time for us to relax a while to enjoy a cup of Luwak coffee. We were actually given a few testing sample of different kind of coffee and teas here. Too bad, we're not allow to test Luwak Coffee. In order to enjoy a cup of Luwak Coffee it cost Rp50 000. Expensive? Judge it yourself.

Bali Coffee

Souvenir shop

Varieties coffee, teas and herbs

Now after testing, sales time, whereby u can purchase luwak coffee at the souvenir counter. Lot's of variety coffee like Luwak Coffee, Ginseng Coffee, Bali Coffee, Ginger Tea & Lemon Grass Tea available for sales. Price can be negotiable if you know hot to bargain well. I got myself a pack of Ginger Tea, that cost me Rp 90 000. I love the Ginger Tea here, absolutely taste good. Did not buy Luwak Coffee because it's hilarious expensive by 500g or 1kg quoted by different price.  It's a good experience to visit here. Up next will be Tirta Empul worship places.. Stay tune ^_^

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Bali, Indonesia