Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 2: Part III - Pacung Antapan @ Bali

After the temple visit, we hopped on the bus and headed straight for lunch at Pacung Restaurant Antapan, nestled on the hilly town of Bedugul, with panoramic view of the lush green rice terraces.

This is one of the most beautiful points in Central Bali as far as the view is concerned. We made our way up a fairly steep hill, and as we walked into the dining hall (and it is a hall), the entire facility were surrounded by cooling weather, so you have an unadulterated view of Bali below. It's an incredibly clever and strategic location for a restaurant, and there is a hotel facility as well.

 Pacung Restaurant Antapan

Dining hall

The lush green rice terraces

Beautiful balcony view

Good servicing

Inside the restaurant

The nice view of rice terraces and the mountain from balcony.

Family enjoying buffet lunch here

Me @ Pacung

 No need for air-con as Pacung is in highland with cooler temperature.

Beautiful plant with fruits

Main Entrance

Sis & Mama ^_^

The food was served buffet style, and it was mostly Indonesian with the usual satays, goreng noodles, rices, fruits, salads and desserts. Even though it was a self-serve situation, there were some waiters around who would bring us beverages or remove dirty plates so that you could fill up again, provided you could. We were the only ones in the place as we're always early, but sooner getting more tourist coming in for lunch.

On one side of the restaurants, you could see the terraced rice fields backed by moutains; on the other side, you could see lush vegetation, palm trees, flora as far as your eye would take you. The day was perfectly clear. We were about 800 meters above sea level here, I were eager to get through with the meal and check out the scenery outside.

Love the scenery view here, the naturally cold weather around 15oC, enjoying every single minute here, fresh air less pollution. Moving to higher level to visit mountains. Follow me on the next update.. See ya!! xD

Pacung Restaurant Antapan
jl.Raya Bedugul-Singaraja,
Antapan-Bali, Bali, Indonesia