Monday, May 14, 2012

Fight Pimples For Clear Skin

I believe everyone have been spending lots of money just for skin care products that is good quality but yet it's expensive. To maintain good skin it's not easy, and I'm sure every girl's dream is to have good face skin complexion and pimples free. Lot's of products in the market nowadays which actually can help out but I believe different people will have different view on the products. I would like to share it out here, about this facial product which I personally think is a good for skin & it's reasonable price for those individual who have budget. This post are based on my own individual opinions.

Washing face is a daily routine job which everyone, have to use it everyday. Our skin are exposure to sweat, dust, sun burn and dirt through out whole day. Beside that, the most night mare that ladies afraid of is the PIMPLES. Pimples are formed when hair follicles and sebaceous glans are clogged and inflamed. They usually appear on the face, neck, cheek, back shoulders and arms. While the common during puberty, pimples can occur at any age.

There's many cause of pimples, but the most direct of clogging of pores. Clogged hair  follicles prevent purging of sebum. The resulting lack of oxygen accelerates bacterial growth in hair follicles, triggering an attack by the immune system. This causes reddening and swelling that characterizes pimples. Factors contributing to pimples growth include air pollution, irregular lifestyles, emotions, stress diet, dimate and medication. Generally, there are three types of pimples which are pimples caused by sensitivity to environmental factors, stress-induced pimples or pimples due to hormonal changes.

To be free from pimples, it is important to boost skin regeneration and keep skin clean. Skin regenerates regularly, with skin cells forming, aging and sloughing off. Gently removing dead skin can accelerate skin regeneration, preventing aged cells from clogging pores and avoiding pimple formation. At the same time, skin texture is improved, helping to heal skin tissues damaged by pimples. UV protection defends skin from sun damage and resulting pimples. Hence, daily skin care with suitable products can help to maintain skin's health to defend against pimples. Accelerating skin regeneration keeps pores from clogging and forming pimples and aids healing.

Hydrating Foaming Facial Wash from ELEMENTE USA

Foam wash

In the morning and night, use gentle and refreshing cleansers. Cleanser containing irritants may aggravate pimples. Hydrating Foaming Facial Wash that is suitable for day and night. Concentrate, whereby you only need a small amount of foam on your finger, apply it gentle on the face, wash and scrub on the face. Rinse thoroughly with water, avoid eye contact.

Hydrating Foaming Facial Wash from ELEMENTE USA, can use for long term, nearly about half year and it's worth for every penny you spend. I find it refresh after using it, my skin improving and I do see the results. Not just for ladies but it's also suitable for guys use. I'm sure nowadays guys want to be handsome too right? =)

Can last me for half year supply ^_^

Besides caring for skin daily, take note to consume more wholesome plant food, maintain positive emotions and adopt regular lifestyle habits. Avoid smoking, alcohol and thick coffee or tea. Minimize intake of oily, spicy, stimulating, high sugar and high-fat foods.