Friday, May 18, 2012

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ The Gardens MV

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, I am sure this sounded familiar to you right? This is my first timer walked into this restaurant as being recommended by MJ. He briefly described that this restaurant served nice healthy foods. He suggested that we dine at Purple Cane. We agreed to it without a second thought. It was a delightful dinner although it's full house.

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant 紫藤茶原

The Menu

It was one of the Saturday weekend during last month, as usual dinner time need to queue for a seat. Slightly waited for 20min to get a seat. Service was quite good and I do see friendly waiter and waitress there. The classy decor and the easy access of a shopping centre said it all, unlike their outlet in the Chinese Assembly Hall which was a maze to find; hidden in an ugly white building. Purple Cane is here to do some serious business. Tea has been incorporated in many ways in their dishes, from being used in marination, the cooking process to just putting some in the sauce, the result were subtle and for some; faintly noticeable.

One for brewing 

while the other for serving

tea that came with two clay teapots

I had hot tea [cannot recall the name of the tea] that came with two clay teapots, one for brewing while the other for serving - this is to avoid over infusing the tea. You can get it topped up with hot water at no extra charges. I love the tea pots with the tea cups, classic in away. =)

Famous landmark

Green tea (Long Jing Green tea) rice RM1.00

The rice had a slight hint of tea and had an aroma that was unusually different, different in a good way that is. Soon the rest of the dishes were served promptly and first arriving dish was Stir Fried Chicken with Honey and Tea  Deep fried, crispy chicken prepared with honey, topped with sesame, Yummy, yummy.. Recommended for children who likes this dish. =D

Honey Chicken 密汁茶鸡 RM 18.00 

Mixed vegetables RM 12.00

The mixed vegetable again came laden with yau char kuey. Now i am seriously pondering whether there had a bit too many leftovers and they were using it generously as a decor item. The lotus roots were crunchy, the mushrooms were of quality and baby corn was a favourite among the little ones. Something new for me yau char kuey inside, that makes this dish special. =)

Homemade Braised Bean curd in Tea Sauce 
自制茶豆腐 RM 18.00 

Finishing off with their speciality tau fu that comes in one size. Whether you are a table of 2 or 10, this is only size you will get which slightly bigger then your shallow rice bowl. Tasted great and the gravy was gladly being slurped up with the tea infused rice. Soft tau fu just nice for me! xD

Kaki of friend enjoying dinner xD 

Inside shop

Slowly sipping my cup of  tea after couple of refills at the end of our meal - a high grade oolong tea typically yields 5-6 brews with the 3rd and 4th brews offering the best flavor and aroma. Service was blazing fast, our food was impressively served upon ordering.

Overall, the food is pretty decent but I must say the selling point of using tea in their dishes are almost non-evident, the taste was too subtle and plain for me. However, the vibe of the interior was excellent with great selections of high quality teas. A few branches below which is nearer to your place. Do check it's out at the below for more references. Have a a nice day ahead! =D

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant 紫藤茶原
Lot LG 206, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 - 2283 6090
Fax: +603- 2283 6093

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant 紫藤茶原
The Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
No 1 Jalan Maharajalela
50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603- 2272 3090
Fax: +603- 2272 3281

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant 紫藤茶原
Shaw Parade
Lot LG-02, Ground Floor Shaw Parade,
Changkat Thamby Dollah Off Jalan Pudu
Tel: +603- 2145 3090
Fax: +603- 2145 3093