Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 1: Part VI - Ayam Penyet @ Bali

Right after the whole day trip of the day, we ended our first day trip with lovely dinner. According to tour guide he brought us to try Ayam Penyet that is one of the famous dishes in Indonesia. Can't recall the name of the restaurant, but it's cosy environment to enjoy meal. Well decorated with Balinese style which given us a warm welcome to the restaurant.


Small pool fountain

Food were served early as I believe, was ordered earlier as it's included in our tour package. We had Indonesian hot tea for the drinks and Soya Cincau for my appetizer. I'm not use the tea which fill with strong Indonesian smell, it's ok to drink but it's not my cup of tea. Sames goes to Soya Cincau, rather weird with syrup taste, perhaps I'm so use to Malaysia taste, sort of odd to drink here.

Ready for dinner

Plate served with basket wrapped with paper

Soya Cincau & Indonesian hot tea

Indonesia places a special emphasis on fresh or even raw ingredients. Nasi timbel, which consists of rice wrapped up in a banana leaf, an assortment of raw vegetables known as lalapan (a term that covers cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, coriander leaves, cabbage and more), a freshly pounded chili sauce known as sambal dadak, some tofu or tempeh and maybe a chicken leg, catfish (ikan lele) or some salted fish. This is commonly served with sayur asam, a sour vegetable soup flavored with tamarind.

Rice wrapped with banana leaves

Ayam Penyet for dinner ^_^

Rice wrapped with banana leaves, drooling when opening the banana leaves. Caution! I nearly got my hand burn. as I'm not aware banana rice still hot. It's a warm rice combines well with Ayam Penyet and lalapan dip with sambal dadak. One word, delicious!! Soup is rather good as it's sour opening up appetite xD

Beautifully arranged in basket 

Closer look Ayam Penyet

Family enjoying dinner

Everyone happily enjoying meal, after that back to hotel rest and have a good sleep. Tired and exhausted the whole day, but it's fun. What we're doing on Day 2? More upcoming post... Hope you all enjoy reading. Have a great day ahead!! =)