Friday, May 18, 2012

Hon Kee Porridge @ Taipan USJ

I spotted this shop around my area in Taipan Subang Jaya while I'm on way for banking purposes, that the Hon Kee Porridge actually opening up branches here. Since is so near to my area, I drop by with my ji mui for lunch here. Now I don't need to drive all the way to Damansara Utama just  to look for porridge. Remember my previous post on Hon Kee Porridge? More details, read here.

Hall of fame

Inside shop

I came back for the second time to try out their signature dish, of raw fish to go with the porridge. Some might like the fish raw, some semi-cooked and some well-cooked. If you prefer yours to be well-cooked, just remember to dunk those raw fish pieces in the porridge as soon as they’re served, so that the steaming heat would be hot enough to cook the fish completely. The fish served to us was so fresh it was translucent!

It's rather cheap a bowl of fresh raw fish cost RM5.50. Worth for the money that you spent. Personally I'm fish lover, I love raw fish on my bowl of porridge. Love to dip inside hot porridge and eat with it together. Absolutely fresh without fishy odor.

Signature dish, of raw fish to go with the porridge

Fresh raw fish with ginger and bawang

Hot steam white porridge with sesame oil and bawang

Lovely sliced raw fish to accompany the porridge that will 
melt in your mouth leaving you with full of delight.

Of course, all the porridge wouldn’t feel complete without the Chinese crullers, it's my all time favorite. Every time I have porridge, I would never fail to order Chinese crullers. Two type of crullers the normal that it's salty, while the other was sweet coated with sesame seeds. Bite on it, wow~ the crullers at Hon Kee were fat and crispy, just the way I love it!

Chinese crullers/You tiao (RM1.50 pc)

Ji Mui ordered porridge with century eggs, salted eggs and raw eggs with minced meat. She always like a bowl of porridge with salted egg. Varieties mixed ingredients inside of the porridge, cost RM5.50. She like how the porridge is made with such smoothness and the portions are generous. It's yummy yummy to combine with crullers together. We both enjoying our lunch of the day =)

Porridge with century eggs, salted eggs and raw eggs with minced meat

If you're porridge lover, do drop by to this shop anytime for a bowl of nice porridge with reasonable price. A bowl of good porridge will melt your heart always! xD

Hon Kee Porridge (Taipan USJ)
No 59, Jalan USJ 10/1A, UEP Subang Jaya,
47620, Selangor D.E