Monday, May 21, 2012

Hand Sanitizer

Have you ever encounter difficultly in getting your hands clean where ever you're at outside especially in the public are whereby no soap and water for you to wash your hands? I it find difficult when there's no water and soap especially in the public toilets. Sometimes public toilet don't have soap for me to wash hands or I may find troublesome to wash with soap when I'm rushing. Wondering if your hands clean and free from bacteria after toilets.

There are many brands in the market to help you keep your hands free from bacteria. Here's a post which I like share out based on my own individual opinions. Handygel which a brand I that trusted and I find it useful for me. At affordable price in a bottle which is always convenience for me to carry around. I always dump it into my car, or I chuck it inside my bag. When ever I'm driving or I need it, I can use it at anytime. The advantage is I don't need to crack my head to find washroom or toilet for me to wash my hands. It's suitable for travelling purpose too, light weighted 250ml in a bottle. Handygel will last me three or four months, depending on individual usage.

Product information as below:-
Bacteria and viruses enter the body via different routes. Washing your hands frequently helps prevent these dangerous micro-organisms from entering the body. However, how well you wash your hands is important. Your seemingly clean hands may actually be teeming with germs picked up from contaminated surfaces.

Wash your hands thoroughly to protect yourself if you are likely to come into contact with pollutants or pathogens. This is especially important before preparing food and beverages, as well as after sneezing, using the bathroom, handling items such as money and visiting the sick.

Handygel contains cactus extract, among many other natural plant extracts. Apply a little Handygel onto hands without using water and rub hands together gently. This forms a protective layer that cleans and moisturizes your hands. Handygel is a convenient and fast way to clean your hands when water and soap are unavailable or if you need to ensure your hands are extra clean. This hand sanitizer is especially handy for schoolchildren.