Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Singapore Day 2 part II

Coming towards end of the year all the staffs members being invited by our CEO to Dinner & Dance 2009 in The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Orchard Road Singapore. The night is coming as everyone well dress with evening entire with formal wears. Suits & tie for men / dress for ladies. It's happening event towards year end, so let's rock!

Beside this, everyone need to prepare a small gift for X'Mas exchange present, yippie.. Just wondering what will I get in exchange? hahaha.. Registration started at 1830 with door gift and photo session with photographers. After that dinner started at 7pm with lots of activities happening around.. I'm not going to describe further lets look at the photos that i filtered out..

Registration counter before heading in the hall

Dinner & Dance door gift

SkyQuestCom Malaysia staffs

SkyQuestCom Malaysia gents group photos

SkyQuestCom China ladies group photos

SkyQuestCom Malaysia ladies group photos

They look cool like James Bond

Success Resources Singapore & Malaysia Group photos

SkyQuestCom & Success Resources CEO Richard Tan

Yummy food

Yu Chi: Got shark fin?

Fried sweet and sour chicken

Everyone is enjoying the dinner

Xmas exchange gift

X'Mas tree with lots of presents