Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Singapore Day 3

Day 3 in Singapore, as usual wake up early in the morning breakfast at hotel with colleagues. Our agenda for today is back to office meeting. Our office is nearby hotel, it's about 30 min walk from here but unfortunately raining early in the morning that we have to delay our journey till the rain stop. I can't image whole day meeting in the office... such long hours @.@

After day we reached our HQ office in Singapore, i'm totally surprised that office based on Bugis architecture. Beside this I also meet up all the Singapore colleagues to exchange opinions and idea of work. I'm going to share with you some photo with colleagues in Singapore.. Some photos its with my own hp while the rest of the photos is taking care by our photographers..

SkyQuestCom Singapore HQ Office

Me in front of office

Getting ready for the meeting

Morning motivation by Ken Sapp

SkyQuestCom Operation Manager Chan Sai Lon

Walking up 2 second floor to continue our group meeting

Light chatting while waiting meeting to start

This is how we look at the meeting

Funny post while at the meeting

Technical team mates: Sheir Ling, Patricia & Kevin

Account team mates: YongZee, Desmond, Chris & David

Technical team mates: Lim, Sai Lon, Loh & Keith

Vice President, Content: Ken Sapp

SkyQuestCom MD: Vivien Leow

Vivien Leow, Terence Tan & Ken Sapp

Everyone paying attention to GM giving speech at the meeting

After finished meeting at 8pm, we have free & easy time. I was invited by Steven for dinner. He bring me to eat famous frog porridge in Geylang. Raining very heavily it's good time to have hot porridge. He ordered 4 fried frogs with Sze Chuan syle with dried chilies and eat together with white porridge. So yummy... i think got 5 years no eat frog already.. hahaha. I didn't take photo for this frog porridge because my camera phone sucks at night. Stay tune for my last day update in Singapore on the next coming blog!!