Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Singapore Day 2 part I

Wake up early in the morning, i pulled the curtain and view on the window, it was cloudy day.. I get myself ready for next program. After my shower, I had my breakfast provided by hotel with colleagues. Thinking what is the breakfast in my mind, then i saw it's normal asian food that i used to had in Malaysia. Fried kuey teow, western food (toasted bread, eggs, sausages), chinese porridge. Drinks like coffee, tea, orange juice, milk provided for breakfast. Hungry that i can even eat more than usual, maybe bcoz it's buffet style and it's free..

After breakfast i checked my schedule morning & afternoon it's free and easy, so most of my colleagues have their own plans to walk around in Singapore City. While myself I met up with my friend Steven Mk Wong, he is free to bring me around city. Our first destination is to visit famous Esplanade Theatres that including world classics, broadway hits, local creations to experimental plays in Singapore.

After good exercise walk, we reached Merlion Park another popular tourist attraction took its place among the famous landmarks of great cities of the world. Merlion attracts more than one million visitors a year who make the trip to the Merlion Park to photograph this world famous icon.This is the very origin of Singapore's prosperity, with the Merlion (the city's tourism icon) steadfastly standing guard at the mouth of the river. Quaint bridges span the river, ranging from the elegant Anderson Bridge to the simple Ord Bridge. Heading upriver, you will see the historic Anderson and Cavenagh Bridges. Steven also bring me the banks of the Singapore River include Boat Quay, Clarke Quay & Robertson Quay, and not forgetting landmarks Parliament House and government offices. Mostly this place it's good for photographs ...

Singapore city is clean without rubbish

Esplanade Theaters together with Flyers

View behind Esplanade Theaters

Me at Esplanade Theaters Front View
Steven & Me at Front view of Esplanade Theaters

Esplanade Theaters on the Bay

Merlion Park

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Esplanade Theaters bridge

New casino hotel coming up in Singapore

Me & Steven in Singapore

Flyers View

Esplanade Theatres View

Merlion Park

Famous Merlion landmark in Singapore

Me & Steven @ Merlion

River Bank - opposite is private banking

Boat Quay

Merion Park - walk path

Park opposite government office

Bridge - Dunno what name =.=

Anderson Bridge

High Court in Singapore