Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Kitchen - Melaka Food

Last year i been to Melaka don't have the chance to eat Melaka food, but not too bad i can had it in KL for Melaka food. I came here many times with ex-colleagues and current working colleagues for simple lunch yet I'm not aware this is Melaka food until i been to Melaka last year i only know that i'm eating Melaka food in KL... lame though! =.=

I used have lunch in this shop coz it's near my office about 20min drive. It's totally Melaka delicacy, woot~! The Famous Melaka Hainan Chicken Rice Ball, Melaka durian cendol, etc.. yummy.. This shop is recommended by Ho Chiak TV program and also food street corner. Recommended to eat! yummy!

Famous Food in My Kitchen 1

Famous Food in My Kitchen 2

Shop well decorated with Melaka food

Some of the award winning prize for this shop

Melaka chicken rice ball chilies and garlics

Melaka curry chicken nasi lemak

Melaka Hainan Chicken Rice Ball

Melaka Durian Swiss Roll

Melaka Durian Cendol