Sunday, October 04, 2009

Happy MoonCake Festival ^^

Quite long after my Sept blogging, time been flying so Switching to month of Oct happening event around the corner.. That is Chinese Calendar of MoonCake Festival. This year i'm quite happy coz i been eating lots of mooncake.. u know y? Let me tell u more about it..

This year never aspect of eating mooncake, coz the price it's seriously expensive, family really not willing to spend on the mooncake not worth it, 1 word expensive! But but i love mooncake a lot, plz dont get me wrong.. it's to TASTE da mooncake.. hhmm asking me to eat the whole mooncake i will definately vomit out coz too sweet!! lolz..

I wanted to taste the mooncake so much, so i decided to get 1 box for myself from Thai Thong bakers. I'm so fa si n fasi, i like the snow skin mooncake with salty egg yolk coz it's been so cold when u put into your mouth skin it's soft and start melting in your mouth slowly. Yum yum.. A lot of ppl dont like salty egg yoke.. i'm wondering y...

After i ordered mooncake, then a gots a lot gift from friends and relatives. 1 box of mooncake from Steven also.. it's Oversea mooncake.. I tasted the Shanghai with single salty egg yolk mooncake. it's so crunchy.. muhahaha.. sshh.. dont tell him oh.. btw thanks for the mooncake friend!! ^^

I got Baker Cottage Mooncakes, Oversea Mooncakes, Thai Thong Mooncakes and Sheraton Hotel Mooncakes.. Yummiest!! Happy Mooncake to my family, friends and to all... ^^