Monday, October 26, 2009

Da Ma Cai

Month of Oct, my wallet dry up coz i just get my handphone, so i decided to try my luck hope that get some money from number. So, last Sat evening i wanted to buy number but i'm not sure what number to buy don't have any number comes into my mind. As usual i will buy my car number, but my heart says it's not enough.. i want to add 1 more number to buy, but i dunno what number to buy seriously..

As i drove my car out from my house i still thinking what number to buy, oh ya.. then i stop the t-junction to watch left n right before turning out to main road, then i saw the someone MyVi green color number plate was 6881, so nice number without thinking much then i just buy this number..Why do i buy this number coz in previous 2 months this number came out 3rd prize in Magnum, when my mommy came across while she reading newspapers then she share with me this number 6881.

There you go.. luckily i am, thanks to god i strike IBOX 6881 number, i'm happy even though it's little but it's enough for me to pump petrol, toll n lunch this week before my salary it's out in the end. month.