Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hujung Minggu Shopping

Last weekend was Deepavali holiday, a lot KL ppl will be going back hometown myself didn't go back i'm taking this opportunity for shopping. I got 1 of the 8 collections of McD's coca-cola Contour Glass. This glass can be purchase by itself cost about RM8.80 or any large McD meal set for free this glass. I tot the cup it's in made in plastic same like previous version but this time it's a different as the cup it's made in glass form. I choose purple color ^^

From shopping i also get myself a pair of new working shoes RM55.90, every time when i want buy shoes i find very difficult to buy shoes coz my leg very big size either wear size 9 or size 10, depend on the cutting. I like shoes with white colors coz easy to match clothes, white looks elegants. This time my shoes is white with floweery batik. I need to force myself to get use to this type of shoes, coz everytime i wear sure bengkak my kaki. T.T

White flowery batik cover shoes ^^