Friday, October 23, 2009

Seeds in Restaurant City

So far i never been blogging about the facebook applications but i want share it out coz i'm getting excited i been always waiting for it... Some ppl might i'm think lame enough to post here.. but i'm excited about it..!!!

What i'm talking about this is the application game called Restaurant City. Yah.. i think most them have this game, so i skip on introduction. I'm dreaming of opening restaurant in real life 1 day coz through this game, i actually learn how to setup a restaurant, yeah i know just a game.. but it really help me a lot. I know it's not easy open a restaurant, but i will keep it in myself hope that my dream will come true 1 day ^^

Alright, let's move on to the point, planting seeds in restaurant city give me a lot inspiration, and remind me always do thing you have to be patient. Not just a seed, but you can feel it for satisfaction.. Yeah i know it requires 2k to get a seed.. there for i have work hard with my men to get money to plant seeds. It's just like a baby when u plant.. day by day u c the plant growing, at last you will your goods. The best point is guessing what plant will i get.. then you can upgrade menu for your restaurants. Patients is the most important, i always put this in my mind!! Some of the plants i get... let me share with u.. ^^