Sunday, October 04, 2009

Steven Mk Wong

Steven, finally u come here 2 meet me up.. U know 1 year u didn't meet me joh.. what happen 2 u ar..?? Luckily u didn't forget me else i chop u into a few pieces.. F3 hahaha.. He date me in the lovely morning Sat which he need me to wake him up.. this fellow it's a evil guy always sleep late, until his eyes bag so black @.@

Coming to my house it's also another problem coz he lost my house direction, i'm worry he cannot get 2 my house really thank god he have GPRS to help him to get to my house... Phew -_-" As i stepped out from my house ahem.. i saw him with his new Honda City awesome, can't wait to sit his new car.. but this guy is giving me a chance to test drive his new car.. seriously??

Ahem, butterflies in my stomach 1st time tst drive on his car, my first destination on test drive his car, i took him to Yuen dim sum in Puchong for breakfast. Driving his car i feel very light, smooth, its nice car.. thanks for your test drive it's cool ^^

After that, i accompany Steven to Salak South to find his leng lui friend called Jenny that celebrated her sweet 22th birthday. Heavy rain that time, it's was so hard to drive on the road, but he managed to pick her up, we shoot to Kikuruma Japanese restaurant for lunch. Get to know her more nearer, this girl pro in cosmetic line. She like to make up and pan leng leng. Nice to meet you Jenny.

Sushi Set

Bento Set

Mee Set

After long walk, we stopped by to have coffee in Starbucks. Lots of story we been sharing, life, work, and i got my nice ice blended coffee.. yum yum!! The end of the night.. Steven send me n Jenny home. I enjoyed the day for your accompany, thanks for everything Steven and a Happy Birthday to Jenny ^^

New flavor Coffee Ice Blended

Steven & Jenny