Monday, October 12, 2009

New lao kong HP ^^

I'm quite sad that the most valuable thing spoiled that is always beside me it's my lovely phone. Previously i'm using SEW810i walkman phone almost for 2 years++ i still remember when i bought my SE phone it's on the 27th June 2007, after 2 days my birthday. I love my phone very much as, it's walkman phone i love the sound speaker it's very clear when play music loudly. The keypad it's soft it's easy for me to type sms too, i been speeding when typing sms even though the uncle at the age of 40 admired me a lot when he saw the way i type sms in speeding way. Beside that i also love camera phone although it's 2.0 mega pixel, with i can say the best quality picture that i took b4, Thanks to the cam phone without my lovely phone i can never took so much of picture that i ever posted in my blogs..

Y my phone it's spoiled coz the antenna signal receiver unable to receive signal so i can't get phone call whenever i go.. My family n friends been looking for me for emergency cases or they want talk with me on the phone. I can't depend on sms too much, coz some words can't describe using sms. i send my phone to shop to repair, to change the chip antenna it cost me about rm200-rm3oo, oh my damn expensive.. @.@ The shop advise me to get a new phone, seriously i'm sad the phone it's memorable to me, 1st phone i use my own money to buy when i ever step my foot in working life.

After that i got to cracked my head what type of phone that i wanted the most. With the movement of technology, nowadays the phone it's mutli function not just a phone it's more than 1 task in the directory list. Yeah.. i done a survey of many phone, at first i wanted HTC touch screen phone coz it's run on window mobile, whereby can save ms.word, excel, outlook etc. I got a lot comment from shop sellers phones that window mobile often get hanged when doing my work for example ms.word. But do i really need a window mobile?? After all, i'm not doing big business that require million of word to type in the phones.. Having a laptop that is difinately good for doing, i know laptop it's too heavy to carry while window mobile it's slightly light weighted.

I wanted a touch screen phone badly coz envy to see ppl around with touch screen phone, i wanted to test how good it's a touch screen phone and of coz with simple function without window mobile. Friends and peoples around recommended me to take this Nokia N5800 express music with Symbian Technology. i got this zitron set BLUE color phone cost me RM1050 with 8G memory card, most important it's Garmin software for GPS function. Bloggers, forummers said Garmin it's good for direction road.

I'm proud and happy to get this phone with my own money with my own budget. I'm satisfy with what i have even though i cannot own HTC phone, but i'm confident enough on this phone that will serve me better. I know there is people out there commented on that i'm too CHEAP to get this CHEAP phone, i don't think u have the right to comment on my phone..! WTF .. seriously i like my phone so much, i'm going to play around and get use to my phone. ^^