Monday, October 12, 2009

Snowy Ice @ 100 yen shop

I came across this shop when i had dinner last Sat night. This shop kinda special coz beside entrance corner there's selling Snowy Ice dessert. Quite some time i been with Alice in Ss2, then i have a chance again dropping by to this shop called 100 yen shop it's located in Sunway Mentari Court with Emmie. I remember the shop only have in Ss2, but now it's commercialize in other part of Klang Valley. Little Japanese shop selling Japanese house utensils, kitchen inventory, snacks, dry foods, drinks etc etc..

After spending around the shop, I'm amazed with Japanese cute stuffs, but the shop all selling RM4.90 per item with C.O.D. The snowy dessert catching my eyes, i want to have a taste on it since Alice spoiled me last time with Mango snowy dessert. LMAO..i can't wait to try it.. i ordered Milk choco. It looks simple preparation, i saw the girl took the ice cube that had being FLAVORED with milk, put on the penguin machine, blended this soft like snow into the bowl. After that pour the choco topping on top lastly sprinkle choco chip on top.. There u go a bowl, snowy milk choco dessert cost RM4.90.

Melting in the mouth.. sound nice! Yummy!!

Milky Snowy Ice Dessert

Coffee Snowy Ice Dessert