Friday, June 03, 2011

Chatime - Good Tea Good Time in Chatime

Hello... back back blogging. Time really flies.... Coming to month of June 2011, meaning we're finishing half year of 2011. Now moving to another half year of 2011. By the way.. I would like to share with you little about tea time drinks. I'm sure you all love to drink, right? Don't have any ideas where go hang out for yum cha? Let's take a look at my stories.

Chatime is one of Taiwan's favorite popular selling tea drinks which opening franchises in Malaysia. It's combination mixed tea beverages & more than 30 choices different types of tea drink for you choice of selections. Recommended by family & friends, I decided to give a try on this tea, realized that it's good and smooth to drink. There's also lot's of toppings including pearl, jelly grass, coconut jelly, red bean, coffee jelly, aloe vera & agar-agar can be added into tea with additional RM1. Price are reasonable which small cup is RM5.90 and large cup is RM7.90. You can find Chatime at your nearest outlet & suitable to drink when it's hot weather. Fresh and refreshing, Recommended to try.. Enjoy!! =D