Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday Gathering 2009

I'm back to blog here. Quite busy with work recently & also a lot of gathering for myself too. Finally i'm 25 this year... i have a wonderful birthday this year. Celebrated with friends with a small gathering, we actually decided to have shogun for my birthday unfortunately we can't make it coz most of them working on sat, they only have able after 9pm. For majority votes i decided to have yum cha session in SS2 island cafe.

Yeap i'm glad that everyone can make for my birthday gathering, this year bigger group compare to last year gathering most of them are from PureFren community. We have chit chat session with a bucket of Cal bergs beer, at the same time we play poker card and Uno Stackor. A lot fun n joy which i cannot expressed it myself. Special thanks to Nigel who sponsoring the birthday cake to me. I love the birthday cake.. it's fresh fruit cake from Cake Sense House. Yummy yummy.. drooling. Not for getting Alice present.. Nice black shirt u gave me so sweet!

Thanks to all for attending my birthday gathering, Anderson, David TKH, Deathx, Nigel, Emmie, Vinnie & Alice, n myself XD. Looking forward for next year birthday 2010~! ^^ Let the pictures do the talking..enjoy it!