Friday, July 10, 2009

My New Hair Style ^^

I wanted to change my hair long long time...i dunno y maybe coz changing new image for my hair. All the while i just cut n wash my hair coz i never ever try it before. I admit first time doing it making me real nervous about it. I dunno how am i going to look like after changing my new hair style.

Y suddenly making me change my hair? Bcoz of the Dolly girl who commented my hair.. need some new improvement. She said my old hair look childish n immature. Haiz, pretty hurt badly inside my heart, but time is right, coz coming my birthday have special discount for me to do hair. Without thinking that much after work, i straight away head to hair saloon. I knew i have good hair stylish, so right now i'm going to make use of them for me to change my hair.

I wanted to perm my hair into curly but my hair it's short 2 do so, my hair stylish recommend me a to do wave rather that curly.. Some wave + a little curly.. A good idea coz they might know it better, so i leave my hair to them. Time is consuming as whole day long to perm hair at shop.
First day wash my hair, then i perm my hair take me about 4 hours, pain but nvm for the pain i get new look on it, then wash n dry it..

Second day, same wash hair after that hair stylish highlight my hair with red color, not so obvious but suit my skin color. Next is dye with brown base color ^^ I hope it will look so but i can't wait to see my new hair. Some more si beh long, doing my hair i going to fall asleep already .. lmao @.@ After everything completed, i need to do hair treatment , steam my hair for almost 30 min. There you go.. i have new hair look. XD

Maintaining hair it's easy just get the hair moisturizer and some dry gel to make the hair look good. It cost me about RM50 for the moisturizer & RM40 for gel. Total cost for my hair is RM253 (including perm hair, highlight, dye & treatment) Now i look good with it, thanks for her who commented my hair i got improvement this!