Saturday, July 11, 2009

SQC June & July 2009 birthday

I'm working with SQC almost 3 months.. I'm comfortable with this job, so far so good hope that i can get confirmation to work with this company as i'm undergoing probation for 6 months.. Pray pray to God hope that everything sun sun li li, as i know i'm going to be someone 1 day. Not to mentioned successful plus i want more $ so that i can go ahead with my planning.

Ok, i'm seriously dreaming... let back to topic that i want 2 share with you all. SQC is celebrating staff birthday for the month of June & July 2009. That is part of them David, Darren, Fummi & myself. XD A simple gathering for us to know each other closer. Gathering started around 4pm as colleagues busy preparing food. We ordered birthday yummy Chocolate Cake + Domino Pizza + a lot presents for birthday girls & birthday guys ^^ Blowing the birthday cake + make wishing is a must for everyone. I got my birthday present too.. nicely wrapped with a birthday card. Happy go lucky, can't wait to open my birthday present.. XD Here you go.. i got a little black bag suits me so that i can carry to work XD Thanks for everyone who celebrated my birthday.