Monday, March 23, 2015

Boat Noodle @ The School Jaya One, PJ (II)

Trend been so popular nowadays, everyone been busy trying out unique food in the town. Boat Noodle famous for it name in Thailand. A bit of history of Boat Noodle, kuai tiao ruea (Thai: ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ) is a Thai style noodle dish which has a strong flavor that sold in small boat, after a few customized version, Boat Noodle available in beef or chicken version, it's absolutely HALAL to cater for all customers who love this dish. I quickly make reservation during MySamsungGalaxyLife promotion and this is my second visit. Check more details here, on my first visit here at Boat Noodle.

Located at The School Jaya One, the outlet always packed with people until you need queue up for seats. Be sure to be early, to get what you want. The only soup version base available in this outlet. Fish sauce, Thai chilies, are the some of the seasoning sauce that you're going to eat with it together.

Menu written clearly on the board, with affordable price, The best selling is part is the soup base rice noodles at RM1.90 per bowl either in chicken or beef. The rest are side dishes, grill chicken or beef ball, fruit salad, drinks and desserts which are pretty standard here.

I opted, Chicken rice noodle, which served with a fish, parsley herbs, shredded chicken meat, authentic traditional Thai broth, that makes me appetizing well in only one spoonful scoop into mouth. I can't describe the feelings, sourish, automatic you will repeat your order until you bloat it out. Guess how many bowl I can with it? Before you eat, please do mix well the ingredients and the broth until well cooperate through.

Chicken rice noodle at RM1.90 per small bowl

In Boat Noodle, your must give a try on their chicken wings. fried with strong aroma of lemon grass and limau purut leaves. Not oily, cleaned and tasty. I'm eating like a snack version crunchiness till max! Oh yeah, finger licking good! Price at RM4.90

Chicken Wings RM4.90

Meals must balance with some green vegetables. The owner of Boat Noodle, it's creative in a way come out the idea of fruit salad in Thai version. Combination of grapes, baby cherry tomatoes, sweet corns, groundnuts cooperate through with Thai chilies sauce. Caution with bird eye chili padi. Once you bite it, that's it! Spicy till max! RM6.90 Interesting and refreshing.

Fruit Salad RM6.90

Come here must try out their Kaffe Yen which means Thai Iced Coffee. If you're coffee lover, must try it, infused with strong Thai aroma coffee, sweetness is at the right amount taste, cheaper version at price of RM7.90 I even take away another cup back home. Try to sip slowly, you will never regret on it. The best coffee I ever tasted so far for Iced version.

Kaffe Yen, Thai Iced Coffee RM7.90

Lastly I did also try Cha Kew Yen which means Thai Iced Green Tea. Infused with strong aroma green tea. Thanks to MySamsungGalaxyLife apps, allow me to enjoy FREE beverages when I purchased 10 bowls of rice noodles. Will be going to Bangkok to try the original boat noodle soon!

Cha Kew Yen, Thai Iced Green Tea RM7.90

My favorite cravings xD

Quite fun stacking up the bowl. Go try it out yourself, to gain some experiences if you're adventurous on foods. Once a while is ok to enjoy. Cheers, and have fun! xD

Unit 100-P2.033, The School, Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hour: 10AM - 10PM