Sunday, March 22, 2015

G-Shock GA-100MC-3A

Company annual dinner, held once a year where, this is the time we get around and enjoying makan-makan with colleagues and bosses. There's a session which most of the company organizing, is the lucky draw session. Everyone been eagerly wondering what will be the best lucky draw gift they ever draw in life. As usual, I did not even put any hope on the gift. Just relax and eat, myself already been hungry since 5pm onwards.

It's my turn to draw, keeping finger cross, nervous to know what it's inside the envelope. And then I was told, it's a Casio G-Shock Watch. I really do not have any expression on it, never come across in my life I would get watch yet it's expensive watch.

It was my dream to own a Casio watch for myself many year ago. Every time I'm hoping to get one for myself, due to tight commitment I always give up. I prefer Baby-G than G-Shock because Baby-G kinda feminine towards a lady hand.

Well instead I got a G-Shock GA-100MC-3A slightly a man watch, which doesn't really fit on my wrist. Well designed came with cloth bands sport colors that are stylishly coordinated with the other color accents of each watch. I prefer rubber bands instead of cloth band, suitable for sweating instead. I appreciated the gift .. Thank you so much.. I'm still figuring the function on the watch..

Something different this for 2015, unlike previous year, I got external hard disk and jusco vouchers. So, what is the best gift for lucky draw in your life? Do comment below...