Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Where about myself in year 2015

I feel like blogging tonight, lot things in my head. Been busy with my work lately, I hope I won't leave my blogging passion, sometimes I couldn't help it. Miserable, looking other people growing, sometimes I don’t know where am I standing. Who will be there to support me? A lot question, some said my English sucks more like ala ala Manglish (Malaysian English) I do not user proper grammatical English, Well... is that wrong??

I knew I been left out into blogging life. Many things happened in between. The main major was my own external hard disk which filled with tones of photo especially for blogging no longer can be read anymore. It contains bad sector. Chances are very slim for me to get it for repair. FoongPc (bali trip photo all gone. Really want to share with you, but.. sighs) Should I rely on external hard disk in the future? Any other backup device which is more secure or reliable? I often turn down many advertorial for blogging...

From zero stage with empty hand, I keep on pushing myself to write. The momentum is there always, no matter how hard. What do a blogger needs for blogging?

Basic necessity common gadget:-
a) Notebook
b) Camera
c) Passion

Those day I really dream of my own proper gadgets, a reason for me to move on, been saving just to get a notebook, so that it will be handy for me to carry around with WIFI access. After many years of blogging, finally last year Apr 2014 towards my birthday, finally I'm able to get it with my own hand. It's neither branded nor expensive notebook, just a device for me to continue my blogging passion. Now I'm easily connected to the Internet. Only the God knows what I been through.

Ideapad Lenovo S410 touch notebook

After my first mission completed, I need a proper camera for photography session. Blogging without photos are really dull especially my blog towards food, I totally cannot accept most of the cafe, their menu without photo, only wording and pricing for ordering process. Life is always good to have beautiful photo, before you make a choice. It's not wrong without photo, it's just my own individual preference or it's rather optional to have photos that give extra credits for consumers who visiting your cafe or blog. Right after my notebook, God is always good to me. After nearly 8 months, I got a beautiful camera at the promotional package during last Dec 2014 Christmas season. Thanks to Samsung Galaxy Life apps for more rewarding points, I have gotten myself Samsung NX Mini Camera. I keep in humble profile for the time being, and also to test it out before I summarize it

Samsung NX Mini Camera

It's time for me to move on, after I gotten what I want. Sometimes I really wonder if my blog have been read. It's rather silent and quiet over the social network. Where am I standing? Bad, Average, Good? Till one day my classmate, Asvoria Kuan been asking me what happened. Now I really know someone behind that supports me, by asking me not to give up on my blogging. How touching I am? It doesn't really matter who I am or what do I write. If somebody truly appreciates, they will share with you. The only reason for me to continue, thank you my friend, appreciated it.

And also lately been into Our Shared Passions Group, well-motivated and appreciated each other in life. I really salute with their passion, no matter in what field, some are good in cooking profession, some are good in baking, and some are good in arts and crafts. God widen my knowledge. I might not know all of them but one thing for sure they're all sincere and passionate in whatever they're doing. Encouraging each other to move on, action that's counts. Thank you for being so warm and kind hear-ted always.

P/S: I might not a good photographer nor good blogger in writing, passion keeps me moving into a better person in life. All the above represented my own individual opinions that do not related to neither any other parties nor any other individual sensitivity.