Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ecole P @ Damansara Uptown PJ

My first 2015 blogging, some of the memories I would like to pen down. I been visiting Back to school cafe lately. The interior surprises me with childhood memories, Ecole P means stand Primary School in french language, a unique idea "back to school concept cafe" from both founders.

I knew this classroom cafe concept quite long ago, till it was an occasion I was invited my by friend for coffee session during tea time in the noon the week before we dismiss ourselves going back to hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year. Ecole P located at Uptown Damansara along the famous Village Park (nasi lemak) town in between middle row on the first floor of corner lot shop.

Both founders of "Back to School" of Ecole P

As I walked in, I'm impressed, it's like machine time back to school. I feel like I'm a child going to school again. Every corner utilized well with the school theme. Cozy and comfortable with air-conditioner.

"Back to School" theme at the counter

We were given exercise handbook as menu for ordering process. It's the primary exercise book, can't help to "LoL" Information labelled clearly on exercise book. We were served with childhood biscuits. I'm happy to see vibrant colorful icing biscuits during "waktu rehat". I ordered a cup of hot mocha served in classic "kopitiam" cup, amazed with beautiful coffee art. I just couldn't help it to record down. Happily recalling my childhood time.

Exercises Book filled with varieties menu

We were served with childhood biscuits. 

Vibrant colorful icing biscuits

Yeah! Waktu Rehat!

Beautiful Coffee Mocha

I love to captured this desk, full of liquid papers, the real original authentic classroom.

We ordered the favorite Hong Kong style egg waffles served with Kapiti triple chocolate ice cream, honey stars, marshmallow, dark chocolate pearls, Oreo crumbs and drizzled with Nutella and Peanut Butter Sauce. I find it's delicious, but it's TOO SWEET. Eat at moderation and meant to be sharing as light snacks.

Hong Kong style egg waffles

Hong Kong style egg waffles

My friend is attracted with the school bag, couldn't resist to capture it. The school bag filled with steel-made pencil case to store kitchen utensils (fork and spoons). Oh! It's really cute according to my friend.

Student at Ecole P

She ordered the Hot Chocolate which is Signature drink served with baby milk bottle. I couldn't help to laugh the way she poured the milk into cup. Hahaha.. baby drink! It's totally creative, we're playing around with it. Capturing the best moment at Ecole P.

 Hot Chocolate which is Signature drink served with baby milk bottle.

The main entrance filled varieties childhood snacks at the counter, acted like canteen. The upper part act like library with shelves filled with books, dictionary, toys, etc and occupied FREE WIFI for all students who dined here.

Childhood junk food

Childhood text books

Instagram account: ECOLEPFNB

Classroom located at outdoor, clearly labelled with full details. After "waktu rehat" we headed back to classroom to continue our studies. Without air-con which acted the real school classroom. There's white board with chalks plus teachers table it's exactly like you're attending class. I wish I can be teacher instead of students. Really miss childhood time. I wish I never grow older..

Ecole P Classroom

Classroom located at outdoor

My favorite class photo xD

Papan Kenyataan full with memories

I don't even want to leave this cafe after dining a few hours, still in childhood dreamland, never get myself bored over here. Will be back to try out some other savory food that listed in the menu. Simple yet is a good hanging place with friends, especially your old school mates!! Services are quite good over here. Be sure to contact headmaster and headmistress for more details about this cafe. Thanks to my friend who shared wonderful memories with me in this cafe.

Ecole P
First Floor, No.19,
Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact Details: 03-7732-9711
Business Hours: 11am-10pm, except Thursdays.
Facebook: Facebook