Thursday, July 21, 2011

DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant

This year my birthday dinner turned into wonderful dinner, that is DAORAE Korean BBQ Dinner specially for me and family. Talking about Korean food, most Asian people don't really Korean food becuase it fermented with strong smell. For myself this is second time I been to Korean Food after I tried Dae Jaeng Gum korean BBQ

The DAORAE Korean BBQ restaurant that we went situated at the hub of USJ Taipan. It is located at 2nd floor of a corner unit shophouses, right above Affin Bank, which is directly opposite McDonalds and Watson. The walkway beside the bank that will lead you to a lift to the restaurant. =D

Menu Book

The environment of the restaurant was very good with an extremely good advantage of having an exhaust hood to every grilling tray/table to draw off the smoky smell from grilling meats. We don't have to worry bout going home with smelly clothings anymore =D There is also big grilling tray charcoal for BBQ. Worry of dunno how to BBQ meat?? Fred not, just leave it to professional chefs. They will BBQ for you.. all you to do sit, watch then eat... It's an eye opener and good experience to be. =D

 exhaust hood

Grilling tray charcoal for BBQ

While waiting for food, waiter served Korean brown rice green tea. Yeah, nice to drink and refillable unlimited time. Chilling brown rice green tea taste like groundnut smell. Next, waiter serve Korean seaweed soup, clear - you can see the transparency soup unlike Japanese Miso soup.

Brown Rice Green Tea

Korean Seaweed Soup

Da birthday girl =P

We just need to enjoy a bowl of korean seaweed soup and some other free-flow side dishes, including kim chi, spinach, salad, steam egg, sweet potatoes, cucumber, anchovies and peanuts, bean sprouts, etc., while waiting chefs doing some minor preparation before start grilling meat.

Free-flow side dishes

We ordered a plate of sliced PORK meat marinated in special sauce and a plate of sliced CHICKEN meat marinated in soy sauce. The meats were grilled by the chef on our table. The grilling meats smelt irresistible, BARBECUE smell. AARRGGGGHHHH.... drooling and tempting!!!

PORK meat marinated in special sauce

When the grilled meats are done, the Korean chef taught us the proper way of eating them. First, lettuce was placed on an empty plate. Then, get a small piece of grilled meat, dipped them into the special 3 served-sauces and placed them onto the lettuce. A typed of vege (I have no idea what it is called) was added onto the meat as well. Finally, the lettuce was folded into as small as possible to wrap the ingredients inside and fit it into your mouth with one bite. Yes! In one bite only. Therefore, don't try to be greedy by wrapping in more ingredients. Chewing Crunchy lettuce with juicy grilled meat is definitely fantastic. Couldn't describe any further, good!! you must try it!! xD

Fresh Green Lettuce

We also ordered Kimchi jeon (kimchi pancake) Generous serving of kimchi however all I can taste is the flour. Very little kimchi taste. Taste good.. but 2 slices makes me bloated. Another side dishes we ordered is Korean Fried rice. Sticky rice sounds like nasi pulut. Taste good, with some kimchi.

Korean Fried Rice

Price quite reasonable for average 4 person. The chefs and waiters were very friendly and their services were good too. Recommended to try here, I bet you will be back for second time, Enjoy.. have pleasant day. Lastly, thank you to my family for my lovely birthday dinner. xD