Sunday, July 31, 2011

Starbucks @ SS15 Subang Jaya

It's been very hard time me recently. Too much stuffs been pending on my side which I need to relax myself. After 1 week of work... normally I love to hang out yum cha with all my friends. This time hang out yum cha session at Starbucks in ss15, Subang Jaya. Long time never been to ss15 Starbucks coz previously it's under renovation. Now it's been opening to up, as usual lot's of people full with INTI and TAYLOR's student. Wondering nowadays, why student damn rich.. everyday starbucks @_@ but he made me realized that Starbucks is a quiet place for relax after long day of working hours =D

Today quite special, my network of friends is getting bigger. Normally are girls talk... today two guys we into our group. So no longer girls talk any more. Alice bringing his little bro to join us... but unfortunately did not take any of his photo. Thank you for joining us, Gabriel a token of appreciation =D For the person, new gentleman called MJ which is Alice's church mate. He joining us in yum cha session, which I believe there much topic of conversation to explore among us. Welcome him into our group. In future can join us for makan-makan or yum cha again. =D