Friday, July 22, 2011

Restoran Krishnan Changkat Jong Fried Chicken @ Teluk Intan

Every time back hometown, I never miss this food. Why?? It because my favorite food that I used to eat since my childhood until now. This shop is located under a huge tree on Jalan Changkat Jong, just before McDonald’s and Giant. A famous place that used to be crowded by peoples around 12pm and finishing in between 3pm daily. The shop is called Krishnan Changkat Jong Fried Chicken but the tree usually blocks the name on the signboard and also to cover up the hot burning heat under hot sun.

The price of your serving solely depends on how many pieces of fried chicken you order. No matter how much of rice, vegetables, curry and gravy you can fit on a single plate, one piece of fried chicken is RM4.00 and two pieces is RM6.00. Due to high volume and turnover of production, the drumsticks, breasts and wings are freshly fried so you can be assured to be free of pre-fried chicken. Fried chicken is nice to eat while it's still hot. Tempting and make me drooling... hehehehe xD

I'm impressed by the owner of the shop. The quality of fried chicken still maintain until now. The tender meat is fried not too soft nor not too hard, just nice with that required crisp. Marinated long enough, the process produces the delicious taste that is quite evenly spread across all of the meat.It's must go along with the rest of the side dishes like vegetables, curry fish and gravy pastes mixed everything and enjoy your meal.

Not forgetting hot weather and also after eating spicy food, I doubt your must have a cup of cold drink to cool of your throat. The very normal "Teh-O Limau Ice" is very tempting, juicy and u feel like drinking non stop till max. It's cost only about RM1.50 and you gain every single penny for cheap and nice food. Hometown local food is always the best, worth it to try out. =D