Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FONG LYE Restaurant - Taiwanese Food

Last week been to Fong Lye restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. Why? Because hear of my mom friend's talking about Taiwanese famous chicken dish is available there. Wondering what is about the famous food that serve in Fong Lye. Fong Lye located on the fourth floor above of Ice Skating Ring inside Sunway Pyramid just beside Sakae Sushi restaurant.

Picture quoted from "kampungboycitygal"

 Picture quoted from "kampungboycitygal"

Picture quoted from "kampungboycitygal"

We ordered a pot of Chinese tea – Rose + Oolong tea at RM12 per pot. There were 3 of us [mom, sis and me] and we thought of sharing a pot. Little did we know, the pot only came with 2 cups. So we asked for a 3rd cup and the waitress said they only served 2 cups per pot. Any additional cup would be charged at RM3! Isn’t that ridiculous, don’t you think so? I mean, the amount of tea is still the same, why do they charge EXTRA just for a cup? Next time I should bring my own cup. Tea served in cute porcelain teapot set, luckily the refills of hot water is unlimited. Rose tea first time I ever drink, smell good clam when you drink it and it's also expensive tea.

Rose + Oolong tea (RM12/ pot for two)

The Three Supreme Diced Chicken set is the Taiwanese famous delicacy that must try, after asking chef about the details, mom ordered it.  Three Supreme Diced Chicken set served in a flat wok over small fire, arrives piping hot. It sure does smell aromatic, with the basil leave and soy sauce. It also very flavorful with just enough hotness provided from the dried chili, it is pretty similar to kung pao chicken, except better.

The Three Supreme Diced Chicken set [RM19.80]

I ordered Sesame Chicken Mee Sua Set. It tasted like a serving of confinement soup and I loved it. Aromatized with ginger slice, sesame and with hints of rice wine, the chicken was smooth and enjoying it with my favourite mee sua was a very good combination. I like to pour the soup into mee suah, mix and eat together.  I never tasted mee suah in this way. It really open my eyes up in Chinese food..

Sesame Chicken Mee Sua Set [Rm19.80]

Sis ordered Fresh Tomato Fried Egg with Fish, which came on a little wok with fire below. Not just eating the fish but it's comes with a set including a bowl of soup, some side dishes and a bowl of rice with minced meat.
Tomato sauce is opening up favor when you eat. It's suitable for those people who like sour dish.  Fodd is tasty, service quite fast, I said recommended to eat.

 Fresh Tomato Fried Egg with Fish set [RM19.80]