Sunday, July 17, 2011

Durian Day for myself

Durian day for myself.. After cravings so long for Durians, finally I got it. =D Right after came back from yum cha, I walked into house... eeewww it's was annoying smell. I really fed up with the smell. I taught of scolding my neighbours coz every month my neighbors sure buy Durians eat.. Durian enzyme uuuhhh... kinda irritating, coz it's smelly, don't u agree with me?? hahahaha.. xD

Walked into house... sis told "Durians for you..." Oh.. I was like shocked!! Huh? Durians?? Thanks God, I did not open my mouth to scold my neighbors otherwise I be embarrassed. I smelled heavy strong durians, keep on following the smell, argghh... finally I sneaked into fridge and opened the door!!

Tada, Durian inside the tupper ware container... hahahaha. Yum... saliva coming out already. My job always, take photos n share out with my friends... before I eat!! Sound ridiculous right?? Hahahaha... Who cares, good fruits must share out!! Wondering.. how's the taste?? Flesh look fresh.. big n in yellow!!
Hehehehe... Later only find out... Want to eat Durians!! =P